Kids with booksWelcome to Willow Woods Media Center

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Media Class Days

Monday - Hartman, Sockow

Tuesday - Schilkey, Williams, Shaw, Hannick

Wednesday - Beels, Simpson, Goy, May, Magro, Cesar, Jenkins

Thursday - Chapman

Friday - Warner, Ross, Kochanski, Jurmo

To reach Mr. Steve by email: [email protected]

Circulation Information

Willow Woods Media Center is open during school hours.

Students will check out books during their Media Class time

Students are allowed to check out a specified number of books at a time:

The number of books students are allowed to check out is determined by their grade level. Books required by a classroom teacher for a project do not count toward the number of books checked out.

K = 1 book (changed to 2 books later in the year)
1st - 4th = 2 books
5th = 3 books

Books can be checked out by a student for 6 days. It will be considered overdue on the 7th day, which is the next day they have media class.

If a student does not return all books, he/she will not be able to check out new books during media class.

Students are not fined for overdue books, however, they will be charged a replacement fee for lost or damaged resources.

There will also be times throughout the week when students can also check out books, depending on the media center schedule.

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